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A Transgender Journey: When Our Son Became a Daughter

Hosted by Dr. Suzanne B. Phillips

Jane Baker, author of the book, Trading Places: When Our Son Became a Daughter, will share the insider experience of parenting her son while he makes the decision to disclose his true self, his sense of being trapped in the wrong body, and the therapy and treatment he seeks in the process of becoming a transgender woman. As the mother of this transgender woman, Jane Baker reveals her own doubts, anguish,and fears. She shares her mission to learn everything to prove her daughter wrong, the reactions of others and the place of acceptance she and her daughter find in this journey. Joining her is Dr. Antonia Caretto, licensed psychologist and specialist in many areas including Gender Variance and Dysphoria. As a member of the World Professional Association For Transgender Health, Dr. Caretto has worked with parents and teens dealing with transgender issues and will address the physical and psychological aspects of transgender identification and transition for all family members.


Posted on January 14, 2016 by Healing Together and filed under Transgender and tagged #Transgender #dysphoria #depression
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